Q; I have a 64 galaxie with a column shift cruise-o-matic. There is a lot of play at the shift lever, where do I look first for a problem?

A; well, the most common item to wear is at the base of the steering column where the first linkage connects. There is a pin bolt that holds a bushing on the column link side, if you remove the retainer clip, slide out the pin, you will see that there is a bushing through the hole in the belcrank with a rubber washer on either side. This is commonly worn through, or broken. Also inspect the pinbolt, this is also commonly worn. Replacing these worn items will eliminate a lot of play in the linkage train. If after these have been replaced and play is still present, continue with an inspection to find your problem.

I have available the correct bushing kit, and the pinbolt. These are made exclusively for buds.