Q; I have a 63 galaxie that I’m working out the bugs on and am having difficulty with the horns. Is there anything that can be done with these or are they junk?

A; well typically I find that the horns will work well again with a little tlc.

First, connect 12 volts to the terminal and ground to the horn bracket, only flash connect a few times, if you hear any noises when you connect the power, the coil is good. From this point a repair effort is successful most of the time. Begin by removing the domed cover to access the business end of it. Blow out any dirt or dust, fold over a small piece of 1200 grit sandpaper, and clean the contact points carefully. In doing this typically is just removing any oxidation on the contacts. Blow out any dust from the cleaning, and try the flash connection again. If it sounds like it wants to work, it just may need a minor adjustment. This can be done by slightly moving the adjusting nut at the end of the assembly back and forth each time testing it with your power source until it sounds the best.

Reassemble with a coat of s/gloss black and enjoy the sweet sound or your original horns!