Q; I have a 64 Galaxie, and my dash lights quit working. The fuse, bulbs and grounds are all good, figured it was the headlight switch so I got one. Turns out it’s a 7 pin and I need an 8 pin switch. It seems that only a 7 pin is what’s available now. What is the difference using a 7 pin instead of the 8 pin switch?

A; there are 2 separate issues here that are not related. #1, Your dash lights on a 64 are fed from the blue/red wire on the corner of the switch. This lead is fed through the potentiometer or the twist dimmer control on the switch. That particular feature on the ford switches typically failed to one extent or another. The blue/red leaves the switch and is routed to the dash light junction. You will need to check for a possible inline fuse between the light switch and the blue/red junction. #2, The difference between a 7 pin and an 8 pin on a 64 is a yellow/red line that feeds the dome light fuse, [2nd down on the left side of the block], is not fed with the 7 pin switch. You will just need to install a jumper in the light switch terminal block.