Question:   I purchased a fuel tank for my 631/2 fb, but it doesn’t fit correctly. It appears the filler neck is different, and there is no vent to connect the tube to. Any suggestions?

Answer:  It sounds like what you may have is a tank for a 64, I’ve found this to be a fairly common mistake.

First off, my description of the 2 tanks are for applications except wagon. The tank shells for 63 & 64 are identical in size and shape. 63 had a vent tube on the upper left side to the rear of the tank, 64 had no vent in the tank, therefore had a vented filler cap. The filler neck on the 63 had a gentle curve to it while the 64 was straighter and a little longer. I’ve seen too often the 64 tank represented as a 63 tank. If one tries to install a 64 tank in a 63, the top of the neck will hit the filler-neck tunnel, and could eventually crack the solder where the neck is soldered to the tank. When it comes to your fuel system there should be no compromises.

Because of the demand, I’ve located a manufacturer of the correct 63 tank, and the 64, and I’m quite impressed. They are very nice!

I now offer these through my Buds Classic Car parts.