Q;  I have a 64 Galaxie 500 fb, I’m having trouble with the courtesy lights. I’ve traced the problem to the rearward feed, probably the rear pillar lights. Any ideas?

A; base on what vie seen on the fastbacks, your most likely cause is worn off wire insulation on the wire that’s clipped to the roof support rail that feeds the right-side light. It shorts on the roof support rail and will pop the fuse. This is very common, in fact I have never seen a roof wire that didn’t have some level of damage caused by the retainer clip. If the headliner is in the car, you will need to remove the roofrail mouldings, the sail panels and pull down the sides of the headliner at the rear where the wire runs across. Disconnect the feed from in the trunk, use a coat hanger type of wire and snake it across the roof, feed it from right to left, be sure to curl the end over otherwise it will poke through the headliner.  Use this to pull the new wire to the right side of the roof. Leave the old wire in the roof, make the connections and test.

As a response to this need, I supplied my wire harness guy with an original roof wire, and I now have these in stock. They are perfect, blue/black as original, with the moulded ends. Any body doing a restoration or just a headliner should be replacing this item!