Q;  I have a 63 500 xl 390 4 spd conv, what’s my car worth?

A;  I get this a lot, let’s be clear, I’m not a licensed appraiser, but I have a  good understanding of how to value a Galaxie.

We all can get on the internet and visit various sites to help us determine what a car is worth, but its just an estimate, and the values are determined based on sales history. One of the worst things to do is to value your car based on auction results. Ie; last spring in palm beach a 63 r code xl conv [rare color combo] sold for $172000.00, while at the same auction a 69 396 chevelle went for a whopping 33k. there’s a reason for this. The Galaxie although a rare car, I observed in pics errors in the interior and engine compartment. This car was heavily advertised to produce a bidding war and that’s exactly what happened. I’d love to believe that that will be the new value datum, its not realistic. The Chevelle although presents well upon a close inspection would find lack of detail and/or correctness. Any 396 Chevelle that’s done well will be in the 75k+ range

Anyone that wants an honest objective value on his / her car needs to have an appraisal done by someone who is experienced in that vehicle. He / she will be looking to determine component correctness, color correctness, fit, finish, craftmanship, and history of the vehicle. A good appraiser can observe the quality of workmanship, and the choices of parts used to help determine the experience of the restorer, therefore can better determine grade level and value of the car.

Bottom line, 2 identical cars side by side could very well have 2 very different values, and another point, most insurance companies require an appraisal if the value is to exceed 30k.

Have fun at the auctions, but try not to take it seriously..