Q; I’m converting my 63 352 / auto to a 427 / 4 speed. The 427 accelerator rod doesn’t fit. Can you shed some light on my dilemma?

A; yes, I think I know what you’re facing there. If you haven’t changed it out, your working with the ‘accelerator assy’ or the #C1AA-9725-G that was needed for the 352 / auto setup. This is the part that the accelerator pedal pushes, goes through the firewall and pulls the accelerator rod. There were 4 different ones used in 63 alone depending on your engine /trans combination. The one you need is the one used on all fe engines with a standard trans, C1AA-9725-H. The working end of it, or the end that is in the engine comp, was located very differently than the one you are trying to use. You will be eliminating the transfer linkage and connecting straight to the carb with the correct accelerator rod.

I have a parts supplier that is making a variety of items for these 427 guys, he’s working on a few samples of these accelerators for me, I hope to have one soon. You can also source some of the few yards left with these parts to locate one.